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Vlad Model Valya Y124 Sets 6178




New Jersey, U.S.A. – RGM Backyard BBQ 2007 held on May 20th and 21st at the Essex County Fairgrounds, in Newark, New Jersey. The RGM Backyard BBQ 2007 is a national competition that encourages backyard barbecuing. The 1st place winner of the main BBQ championship will receive $1,000. Assembled from components of Magic Carpet II, Magic Carpet III, Chevalier and WinStar World Casino a new game is being created for the International Gaming and Sports Authority of New Jersey (IGAS). The new game will be a five-reel, 25 payline game with some of the world’s most popular video game themes as the base of the game. “We will be utilizing the GamePro technology of IGT and playing a high volume of the popular video game themes from the past and present,” said IGAS Vice President Steve Schatz. This is the second version of this kind of game for IGT in recent years. The first was Scratch and Win, and the last one was Gigantic Money. In 2001, IGT released Scratch and Win for the Vegas Strip and the Midwest Gaming and Travel Association (MGTA) licensed the game. This game was a smash success and became a huge attraction at casino and horse race venues. The new game will be available at all facilities of IGAS, and will most likely be placed at all IGT owned casinos. But for this new game, IGT created a little problem to solve, there was a lot of out of date code from Scratch and Win and Gigantic Money, making the maintenance of the product difficult. So, IGT took it upon itself to take the game that it has developed with some major changes, adding new themes and adding many more paylines. “The first game is going to be spectacular, and we expect it to be a huge hit,” said Frank DeMatteo, CEO of IGT. IGT plans to release the game for PC and Mac systems in the first half of 2007. The local gaming commissions in the United States will convene for their annual meeting next week in Las Vegas. IGRA, the federally chartered, not-for-profit trade association for the gaming industry, will hold its annual meeting. The most widely-known gaming commission, that is the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, will be voting



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Vlad Model Valya Y124 Sets 6178

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